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Good source for converso names in the New World. Barcelona : Ediciones Destino, Translation of: Els jueus i nosaltres. Malka, Edmond S. Based on doctoral thesis at Universidade de Granada, Spain. Mane, Maria Cinta Assis, Yomtob, ed. The Jews in Barcelona, : regesta of documents from the Archivo Capitular.

Institucion Fernando el Catolico, Zaragoza, Netanyahu, B. Random House, A "classic" with a different point of view. Novinsky, Anita Cristaos novos na Bahia. Ortiz, Dominguez Judeoconversos en la espana moderna. Editorial Mapfre, Paseo de Recoletos, 25 - Madrid Paris, Erna The End of Days. Promethius books, Amherst, NY Very readable, perceptive and informative. Raphael, David The Expulsion Chronicles. Carmi House Press. Box , North Hollywood, California Translations of contemporary writings about Sephardim and the Expulsion.

Provides good insight. Regne, Jean History of Jews in Aragon. Collection of Regesta and court documents Hebrew University Good source of names from that period. Rich Abad, Anna. Zaragoza : Certeza ; Girona : Ajuntament de Girona, Includes bibliographical references, several family trees Benvenist, Cabritt, Cap-Forn, Bellcaire, Perfit-Alfaquim, Gracia , excerpts of notarial records, and index. Riera i Sans, Jaume, ed.. Cants de noces dels jueus catalans. Barcelona, Curial, Poems in Hebrew and Latin characters.

Romano, David. Girona : Ajuntament de Girona, Vol 1: articles, some from encyclopaedias about inscriptions, synagogues, family trees, etc. Vol 2: historical studies, onomastic index. Includes biographical references. Roth, Cecil The Spanish Inquisition. Out of date but an "old classic". University of Wisconsin Press Much information about converso families and lists of converso names.

Sachar, H. Farewell Espana. The world of the Sephardim remembered. Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, Great book by a master historian. Garland Publishing, New York, Studies including name and place index. Some biographic data, maps, bibliography, name index.

ISBN 13: 9780029115732

Subtitled as "vol. Maps, bibliography, no index. New York: Macmillan, From the famous Nazi hunter. Explores reasons to believe Columbus was a crypto-Jew, with supporting data. North Africa Malka, Jeffrey S. Wayne State University Press, A standard ion the field. Essential reading. Published by Jewish Publications Society, List of marriages that occurred in the Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis which kept itself separate from the local Tuansa Jews and kept careful records. Excellent French and Hebrew editions. Additional marriages from an book of registers recently discovered by Attal of the Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis.

Jerusalem, Institut Ben-Zvi, Essential bibliography reference. Institute Ben Zvi, Israel. Schocken Books, Biography of the early life of a Safed artist's life in a small Tunisian town and his imprisonment in a Nazi camp. By an award winning artist.

Jews of Spain part one

Excellent historical review of the Jewish history of Morocco. Hautes Etudes Marocaines, Rabat Collection of Jewish primary documents from Fes. Chouraqui, Andre N. Between East and West. A History of the Jews in North Africa. Atheneum NY Translated from the french. Very informative. Rubin Mass, Jerusalem Part in English, part in Hebrew. Deshen, Shlomo The Mellah Society. University of Chicago Press Best description of Jewish society in pre-colonial Morocco by a noted Professor and expert. Les Editions du Scribe Compedium of photographs and images brought together by Jews from Egypt.

Compedium of photographs and images brought together by Jews from Morocco. Compedium of photographs and images brought together by Jews from Tunisia. Brill Very thorough scholarly study of Jewish life in ancient Fez. Goldberg, Harvey Sephardi and Middle-east Jewries.

History and culture in modern times. Indiana Univ Press, Focus is on today. Goldberg, Harvey Jewish life in Muslim Libya. Chicago Press Hirschberg, J. A History of the Jews in North Africa 2 vols. Thorough and superb. An absolute must. Kenbib, Mohammed Juifs et musulmans au Maroc, Faculte des lettres et des sciences humaines-Rabat About the relations between Jews and Moslems in Morocco by an excellent Moroccan historian and diplomat.

New York: Ecco, Moving description of Jewish life in early 20th century Cairo and subsequent immigrant struggles in the US. Institut Montano, Madrid, Extensive biographic listing with detailed sources , etc. Terrific for genealogists Laskier, Michael M. The Jews of Egypt. NY Univ Press, The last decades of the the Jewish community of Egypt. Laskier, Michael M. Filled with hard to find facts like all Laskier's books. NYU Press, By an expert on middle eastern Jewry.

Filled with solid facts like all Laskier's books. Museo Sefardi ; Madrid Jews of the Sudan. Syracuse University Press Only book in existence on this Sephardic community, which is largely composed of Jews from Egypt. Names and photos. Contains a full listing of all Jewish marriages in the Sudan with dates.

Msellati, Henri Les juifs d'Algerie sous le regime de Vichy: 10 juillet novembre Harmattan, Romanelli, Samuel Travail in an Arab Land.

Jewish History Book Group | Kolot Chayeinu | Voices of Our Lives

University of Alabama Press Uncannily accurate and beautifully written travelogue of an eighteenth century Italian Jew's 4 year stay in Morocco. Excellent translation from the poetic Hebrew by Stillman. Salafranca Ortega, J. Historia de la Poblacion Judia de Melilla desde su reconquista por espana hasda Detailed study including census sheets, names, photos, and archival sources. By a historian who had lived in Melilla.

Satloff, Robert Among the righteous: lost stories from the Holocaust's long reach into Arab lands. Public Affairs, Jewish Publication Society of America, A standard in the field. Paris: Harmattan, Dictionary of Tunisian Jewish names. Has a number of errors but otherwise a good resource.

Toledano, Joseph La Saga des Familles. Les Juifs du Maroc et leurs noms. Stavit, Tel Aviv, Much smaller, but similar to Laredo's Noms des Does not indicate sources but has many old photos of family members. Jerusalem, Includes biographies of past prominent persons and presently living ones.

Zafrani, Haim. Juifs d'Andalousie et du Maghreb. Jews of Andalusia and of the Maghreb. Paris, Maisonneuve and Larose, Essential reading by the foremost living authority on the Maghreb and Jewish Andalusia. English version of an earlier book by this noted authority. Click here for Table of Contents and to order.

Includes Holland, St. Thomas, St. Andrade, Jacob A. New York: Gefen Pub. Barnett, R. Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, Good source and index. Birmingham, Stephen The Grandees. America's Sephardic Elite. Sephardic version of "Our Crowd". About the early Sephardic families in the US.

Emmanuel, Isaac Samuel and Suzanne A. Emmanuel History of the Jews of the Netherlands Antilles. Five hundred years in the Jewish Caribbean. Baltimore, Md. University of Miami Press. Except for a brief introduction, the entire book is a listing of Inquisition Records in the New World. With an index compiled from records in the archives of the Jewish Community in Copenhagen. Copenhagen, Shilstone, E. Monumental inscriptions in the burial ground of the Jewish synagogue at Bridgetown, Barbados.

London, tombstones Obejas, Achy Days of Awe. NY: Ballantine, Semi-autobiographical novel about crypto-Jews in today's Cuba. Turkey and Greece Malka, Jeffrey S.

Sepher-Hermon Press, Inc. Very good. Index: subjects, authors and places. Additifs a la premiere edition. Carasso, Elie editor Les Juifs de Salonique, The Jews of Monastir, History on the Sephardic Jews of Monastir during the past century. Franco, Moise Essai sur l'histoire des Israelites de l'Empire Ottoman depuis les origines jusqu'a nos jours. Paris, Dularcher, This work is a real masterpiece on the subject. The edition has no index, but many names are mentionned. Tells the story of the Jews of Rhodes and surrounding islands.

Galante, Avram Histoire des Juifs de Turquie. Editions ISIS, Tells the story of the Jews of Turkey.

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Excellent descriptions of life in Salonika and the Ottoman Empire during the 16th century. Levy, Avigdor Jews of the Ottoman Empire. Darwin Press, Nahoum, Henri Les Juifs de Smyrne - 19ieme et 20ieme siecle. Editions Aubier - Histoires, Paris Detailed description of life in Smyrna's Sephardi Jewish community with family names. Jerusalem, Abraham Cohen-Erez Publ. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our policy. To read more about how we use cookies read our Privacy Policy.

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