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Rather than reading each word individually, move your eyes in a scanning motion, jumping from a chunk of three to five words to the next chunk of words. Pointing your finger or a pen at each chunk of words will help you learn to move your eyes quickly over the text.

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Reading selectively will make it possible for you to digest the main points of many texts, rather than only having time to fully read a couple. After you finish reading, write a few sentences to summarize what you read, and answer any questions you had before you started reading. Did you learn what you were hoping to learn?

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Approaching a text strategically, reading actively, and summarizing effectively takes practice. If you want to improve your reading speed, use a timer to test how many words or pages per minute you can read. BY Suzanne Raga. A walkthrough in snippets follows:. The more a given node communicates with another, the wider the representing edge will be visualized. This leads us to possible conclusions in the example. With additional functionality as mentioned above, you can create even more dynamic views. Code follows:.

Most importantly, note that visOptions is used to highlight nodes resulting in the ability to select by group. The logical groupings in this example represent each of the six financial services locations, and the Emotet-impacted nodes on their networks.

A focus on group 4 site 4 highlights two of the above mentioned C2 nodes. Cheers…until next time.

If you have more information or corrections regarding our diary, please share. GASLIGHT electronic text and discussion site A selection of short stories and some full-length books, with a focus on mystery, adventure, and wierd tales from and Short Stories are a form of short fictional narrative prose. Feel free to join us anytime :.

New Releases. While not thrilling, they do seem worth checking out as an example of early Indo-Anglian fiction in the horror genre. A True Relation. Another short story, but this tale by Hale is credited as the first to. He was a good craftsman, and his stories had action, mystery and good dialog.

Library Desk Plans Gutenberg Project Catalog: You now have a great new hobby in woodworking, you have purchased your woodworking project plan and youre really excited to start using your new woodworking tools, but how? Your woodworking project plan should provide you step by step directions and techniques to complete your project. He passed away on this day, thirty seven years ago, and i thought it would be a good thing to remember him today. Project Gutenberg, the oldest digital library, commemorates Gutenberg's name.

Henry Prize winner Stephen King delivers a generous collection of stories, several of them brand-new, featuring revelatory autobiographical comments on when, why, and how he came to write or rewrite each story. The Project Gutenberg collection also has a few non-text items such as audio files and music notation files. Short Reads.

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Short stories tend to be more concise and to the point than longer works of fiction, such as novellas in the modern sense of this term and novels. Project Gutenberg. Mukherji's Indian Ghost Stories. The glass walls have the ability to project the landscape and environment of any place that the. This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever.

Contains short stories For contents see Project Gutenberg. There were probably only three people in the world who still called him Christopher, and one of those was his Grandmother. Before beginning his account, the unnamed narrator claims that he is nervous and oversensitive but not mad, and offers his calmness in the narration as proof of his sanity.

Project Gutenberg is a free digital library containing more than 43, e-books, including many short stories, mainly in the public domain. Project Gutenberg, founded in , is the oldest producer and distributor of free ebooks. Since his first collection, Nightshift, published thirty-five years ago, Stephen King has. Project Gutenberg Russia is a project that aims to collect public domain books in Slavic languages, Russian in particular. George Washington.

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The expensive and beautiful Bibles were completed and sold at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and cost the equivalent of three years' pay for the average clerk. Retellings of American folktales, tall tales, myths and legends, Native American myths, weather folklore, ghost stories, and more from each of the 50 United States of America. Short Stories of George Washington - Legends, tales and stories for children. Gutenberg Text. Out of the Mists of Time : Public Domain science fiction works on the web Project Gutenberg offers thousands of public domain books.

But for now, and indeed for the last couple of years, he'd made his living as a ghost writer.

Mullah nasruddin feeds his coat

The printing press which led to a considerable acceleration of the method so far used of taking an impression by rubbing, was a screw press with The basic idea of Gutenberg's invention was the splitting up of the text into individual components such as lower and upper case letters, punctuation marks, ligatures and abbreviations, based upon the. A main story that organizes a series of shorter stories.

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Gutenberg College offers a four-year, "History is a story about the past that is significant and true. Hope you can help. Sites like Project Gutenberg, which has over 45, books on offer at the time of writing , will ensure that no book will ever truly disappear. Bibles were rare and could take up to a year for a priest to transcribe. The Hong Kong police are hunting a counterfeiting gang led by a mastermind code-named "Painter".