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Every woman in the room was green with envy. She loaned it to Agnes the first season that Bewitched went on the air, much to Agnes appreciative gratitude. And green it is, inside and out. Well, we started ad libbing as the camera followed us down the street. We must have looked awfully intent because later, half a dozen people on the set came over and asked us curiously what on earth we had been talking about. Frankly, neither of us could remember.

Oh, yes, she does me, too. And she is simply hilarious at it. I tend to look rather austere, so here comes Debbie, very grand, very grand, like a dowager. I love it. The older two are teenagers, as is Agnes's son Sean, who is Agnes Moorehead with Her Son, Sean. Sean recently had determined to enlist before finishing high school, requesting that he be sent to Vietnam. He feels very strongly about the matter. His mother understands his deep convictions but naturally feels he would be much better qualified to serve after he graduates.

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She hoped that when he talked to those men, he would see for himself. Sean is still in high school. And, in large measure, Agnes has Debbie to thank for it. And we also believe, very strongly, that children need religion. So that was fairly simple. Harry is Jewish. But Marie brought up their three children as Catholics. Naturally the Catholic church is where they still go, and always will go, as far as Debbie is concerned. It must be pandemonium getting everyone off to his own place of worship.

But she handles it with as much ease as if she had been doing it all her life. Far from it. She spends a great deal of time with her children. And, except for some charity work and visits to hospitals and orphanages, she goes out very little. She supervises them completely. No servant does that for Debbie. Never has. I really do not think actors should get mixed up in politics. It's not that I am nonpartisan; I'd be for the man, you see. It's just - well, after all, who knows anything about politics really?

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Many times, Agnes relates, even with all the help in the house, Debbie does her own cooking. She likes to cook, and nothing is more fun to her than preparing a midnight supper for friends. Debbie is, and always has been, a lover of sports. Not so Agnes. Yet the two found a common ground there too. They are both fond of horses, and on occasion have shared early morning rides.


I saw this happen to Elizabeth Taylor at the Thalian affair. She was entirely gracious at all times, never refused once. But I will absolutely swear she never got to eat at all. Now really. While on a personal appearance tour recently, she, like everyone else in the world, had to go to the powder room. One has to be seen. Out of sight, out of mind in Hollywood. Like my one-woman show, you know. So I work my engagements in when there is free time. I know Debbie wanted me in the cast, and luckily Bewitched was on a hiatus at the time.

Otherwise it would have been impossible. She is quite concerned about hers. She feels they are given far, far too much. Yet she does. And I admire her for it. I think her daughter Carrie just might go into show business. The child is very adept at entertaining. It has so many sorrows and disappointments. And I think it is even harder for a man, who has to be the breadwinner for the family; it exerts tremendous pressures. No two careers blossom at the same rate.

Take Harry Karl for instance. Debbie is most fortunate in this respect.

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When asked to what she attributed their special relationship, Miss Moorehead found it almost equally difficult to describe. Who can explain why you like one person and not another, why you enjoy being with one person and not another? It makes small sense when you try to explain it rationally. Many actresses would have used a double, or just faked it. Not Debbie. We both, Debbie and I, have a deep faith in God, too.

I Love the Illusion

Why should we? That is why I am a confidante. When Sean came home from Europe where he had been attending school, he had grown his hair long, Agnes would not let him stay in her house until he had cut it.

He did cut his hair, but it was the beginning of what Debbie Reynolds called an ongoing "duel of wills" between Sean and Agnes. Reynolds attempted to speak to Agnes about her inflexibility, but Moorehead insisted "My way is the right way. Agnes wrote to a friend, " Sean is nowhere to be found. The police have a warrant for his address as he was evidently cited for a traffic violation and didnt show up. As far as I know, he hadnt a license to drive. Hush, Sweet Charlotte , co-starring her old friend Joseph Cotten.

She had a rare starring role in the campy horror flick The Bat , giving according to the New York Times of December 17 'a good, snappy performance'. She enjoyed success with "Don Juan in Hell", touring nationally, the first time with Charles Laughton and Cedric Hardwicke , the second time receiving fewer critical plaudits with Ricardo Montalban and Paul Henreid in She also starred with Joseph Cotten in "Prescription Murder" , which, while not a great critical success was much liked by audiences and introduced a famous detective named Lieutenant Columbo.

From , she also toured the U. Agnes performed numerous times on television before landing the role of Endora on Bewitched One particularly interesting part came her way through the director Douglas Heyes , who remembered her from "Sorry, Wrong Number", and cast her in the starring - and indeed, only role in The Twilight Zone: The Invaders episode, "The Invaders". As the lonely old woman confronted by tiny alien invaders in her remote farmhouse, Agnes never utters a single word, cleverly acting her scenes as a pantomime of unspoken terror.

Of course, the genial Agnes Moorehead has been immortalized as Elizabeth Montgomery 's flamboyant witch-mother, Endora, though that was not a role the actress wished to be remembered for, in spite of several Emmy Award nominations. Indeed, she had considered the whole witchcraft theme to be too far-fetched and was somewhat taken aback by the show's huge popularity.

Agnes had a special clause inserted in her contract which limited her appearances to eight out of twelve episodes, giving her the opportunity to work on other projects. Commenting on the acting profession in one of her many interviews New York Times, May 1, , she found the key to success in being " sincere in your work " and to "just go right on whether audiences or critics are taking your scalp off or not". Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More.

Edit Agnes Moorehead. Showing all 50 items. She later received an honorary Litt. D degree from the university.

Taught high school, directed school plays and coached the oratory team in Soldiers Grove, WI. The team won numerous contests. Daughter of Presbyterian minister Dr. John Henderson Moorehead. Attended and graduated from Central High School in St. Louis, MO. Took in foster son Sean shortly after final separation from first husband Jack G. Initially turned down the role of Endora in Bewitched , but reconsidered when Elizabeth Montgomery asked her in person, when they met in a department store. Moorehead joined the cast not expecting the series to last more than one season, let alone become a long-running hit.

First woman to co-host the Academy Awards with Dick Powell During the first season of Bewitched she did not like aspects of the scripts, but felt she could not complain to director William Asher because he was star Elizabeth Montgomery 's husband. She did not enjoy filming Bewitched , since it forced her to get up at a. Although her death has been reported as being caused by lung cancer, this is not true--it started in her uterus and spread to her lungs. Moorehead played a selfish, neurotic woman who overhears a murder being plotted via crossed phone wires and eventually realizes she is the intended victim.

She recreated the performance six times for Suspense and several times on other radio shows, always using her original, dog-eared script. In , she recorded an album of the drama, and performed scenes from the story in her one-woman show in the s. Barbara Stanwyck played the role in the film version.

From to , Moorehead played the role of the mayor's housekeeper in the radio version of Mayor of the Town. She also starred in The Amazing Mrs. Danberry , a situation comedy on CBS in Moorehead's title character was described as "the lively widow of a department store owner who has a tongue as sharp as a hatpin and a heart as warm as summer.

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In the s, Moorehead continued to work in films and appeared on stage across the country. She appeared as the hypochondriac Mrs. Snow in Disney's hit film Pollyanna In Sorry, Wrong Number , Moorehead offered a famed, bravura performance using only her voice, and for "The Invaders", she was offered a script where she had no dialogue at all. In , Moorehead accepted the role of Endora, Samantha's Elizabeth Montgomery mortal-loathing, quick-witted witch mother in the situation comedy Bewitched.

She later commented that she had not expected it to succeed and that she ultimately felt trapped by its success. However, she had negotiated to appear in only eight of every 12 episodes made, therefore allowing her sufficient time to pursue other projects. She also felt that the television writing was often below standard and dismissed many of the Bewitched scripts as "hack" in a interview for TV Guide. Moorehead received six Emmy Award nominations, but was quick to remind interviewers that she had enjoyed a long and distinguished career.

Despite her ambivalence, she remained with Bewitched until its run ended in She commented to the New York Times in , "I've been in movies and played theater from coast to coast, so I was quite well known before Bewitched , and I don't particularly want to be identified as a witch.

Agnes Moorehead Interview (1969)

She expressed a fondness for the show's star Elizabeth Montgomery and said she had enjoyed working with her. Co-star Dick Sargent , who in replaced the ill Dick York as Samantha's husband Darrin Stephens, had a more difficult relationship with Moorehead, describing her as "a tough old bird.

Charles Tranberg

In fall , Moorehead participated in a five-minute commercial spot featuring casts of both Bonanza and Bewitched , announcing the new Chevrolet line. In , Moorehead appeared as a dying woman who haunts her own house in the early Night Gallery episode "Certain Shadows on the Wall". White 's children's book Charlotte's Web. For the Broadway adaptation of Gigi , Moorehead portrayed Aunt Alicia and performed various songs, including "The Contract" for the original cast recording. She fell ill during the production, forcing Arlene Francis to replace her.

Moorehead died shortly afterward. Three months before her death in January , Moorehead performed in two episodes including the first of CBS Radio Mystery Theater , the popular series produced by old-time radio master Himan Brown. In , Moorehead married actor John Griffith Lee; they divorced in Moorehead and Lee adopted an orphan named Sean in , but it remains unclear whether the adoption was legal. Moorehead raised Sean until he ran away from home. She married actor Robert Gist in , and they divorced in Moorehead's sexuality has been the subject of much speculation and dispute.

Moorehead's close friend Debbie Reynolds stated categorically that Moorehead was not a lesbian. Reynolds' autobiography mentions the rumor and states it was maliciously started by one of Moorehead's husbands during their divorce. Quint Benedetti, Moorehead's longtime employee who is himself homosexual, also stated that Moorehead was not a lesbian and attributed the story to Paul Lynde's frequent gossiping and rumor-mongering. Moorehead rarely spoke publicly about her political beliefs, but she supported both Franklin Roosevelt she portrayed Eleanor Roosevelt multiple times over the course of her career as well as close friend Ronald Reagan for his run for governor of California.

Moorehead died of uterine cancer on April 30, , in Rochester, Minnesota , aged Her sole immediate survivor was her mother Mary, who died in , aged Moorehead may have developed cancer from radioactive fallout from atmospheric atomic bomb tests [23] while making The Conqueror with John Wayne in St. George, Utah. By the end of , as ascertained by People , 91 of them had developed some form of cancer and 46 had died of the disease. In , she was posthumously inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

She also left half of her manuscripts to Muskingum with the other half going to the University of Wisconsin.

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  • Her family's Ohio farm went to John Brown University in Siloam Springs, Arkansas , along with her collection of Bibles and biblical scholarship materials. Her mother Mary received all of Moorehead's clothing and jewelry, and Moorehead made provisions to support Mary for the rest of her life. The Beverly Hills home was left to her attorney Franklin Rohner, along with the furnishings and personal property within.

    Small bequests were made for friends and domestic staff along with some charitable contributions. Moorehead appeared on hundreds of individual broadcasts across a radio career that spanned from to her final two appearances, on CBS Radio Mystery Theatre in Moorehead began appearing on stage during her training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. She appeared in seven productions as a student.

    She continued acting in the theater throughout her career until just a few months before her death. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses. Home FAQ Contact. Agnes Moorehead Wikipedia open wikipedia design. American actress. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Clinton, Massachusetts , U. Rochester, Minnesota , U. John Griffith Lee m. Robert Gist m. Moorehead in the trailer for Citizen Kane Encyclopedia Britannica.

    Retrieved Agnes Moorehead: a Bio-Bibliography. Greenwood Press, The Time Recorder. Zanesville, Ohio: W.