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She knew that Klaus wanted to one day lead the werewolves, so having control over them gave her leverage in her plan to place her children's spirits in mortal bodies of witches or, in Klaus' case, in the body of a werewolf. She had the witches in her new coven working day and night to create dozens and dozens of moonlight rings in order to gain the wolves' allegiance. After learning of Esther's plans, Klaus encouraged Hayley to go to the Bayou to reclaim her title of queen of the Crescents and to convince them to join their side instead of Esther's in the name of returning the city to its peaceful state so that Hope could return home to them.

Hayley was ultimately able to convince the pack to allow her to lead once again; she instructed Oliver to work as a double agent and inform her of Esther's plans and had the rest of the werewolves move into the compound so they wouldn't have to live in the encampments. Meanwhile, Finn was put in charge of the rest of the werewolves his mother recruited, and he and Esther came up with a scheme to capture Elijah. One part of the plan involved forcing the untriggered teenage werewolves of the Crescent Wolf Clan to kill any humans in the city who weren't aligning with Esther, which would activate their werewolf genes during the blood moon, a rite of passage used in by the werewolf packs in the late 10th and early 11th century.

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Unwilling to allow their young pack mates to be conscripted into the supernatural war, Hayley, Aiden , and Oliver teamed up with the vampires Marcel, Josh, Gia , and Elijah to help them rescue the children before they could be forced to kill and send them away to a safe house. Oliver and Elijah were chosen to be the decoys to distract Finn and Esther's werewolves while they sneaked the children to safety, only to learn that this was their plan all along.

Finn and Esther used their magic to incapacitate and capture them both. Oliver was put in stocks in Lafayette Cemetery as a message to the other wolves of what would happen to traitors, and the werewolves were ordered by Finn to spread word that Oliver would be executed for his crimes at midnight. When Hayley heard this news, she went to Marcel and Gia for help rescuing him, knowing that finding Oliver could help them figure out where Elijah was being kept. Once he was found and unbound, Ansel held off the werewolves with his blade while Hayley and Oliver went out the back.

They ran into another group of werewolves, led by Aiden, who initially intended to capture them both, but after Oliver reminded them of how they were being manipulated and used as slaves for people who want to control them, they eventually relented and allowed them to leave. Unfortunately, when Oliver and Hayley returned to the Bayou, Oliver was eventually stricken by the witches' spell and died despite being freed from captivity. The priority of the Crescent wolves then became about breaking free from Esther and Finn's control, and Hayley, as the Alpha of the Labonair bloodline, and Jackson, as the Alpha of the Kenner bloodline, decided to get married and perform the Unification Ceremony , which would allow Jackson and the rest of the pack to mystically inherit Hayley's hybrid ability to transform into a wolf at will and no longer be forced to turn on full moons.

With this ability, the werewolves would no longer be dependent on the moonlight rings provided by Esther and the witches in her service, and they could finally live on their own terms, without being in exile or forced to live as slaves. After engaging in many trials and rituals, the Unification Ceremony was performed by the werewolf elder Mary Dumas , and every werewolf who participated in the ceremony became an Evolved Werewolf.

Afterward, Hayley and Klaus' daughter Hope was introduced to the pack, who then swore to protect her as one of their own as the threat of the witch Dahlia , the Mikaelson children's aunt who sought to take Hope and use her to increase her own power, came ever closer. Desperate to save his daughter at any cost and feeling betrayed by Hayley and Jackson's attempt to smuggle Hope out of town without his permission, Klaus temporarily teamed up with Dahlia, giving her the idea to punish Hayley, Jackson, and the Crescents by recasting a modified version of the Crescent Curse on them that would work on the hybrid, Hayley.

Afterward, though Hayley and Jackson got an apartment in the French Quarter for the two of them and Hope, the rest of the werewolves went into hiding upon the revelation that Lucien Castle 's Kingmaker Land Development Inc. It was later revealed that Lucien's men had captured werewolves from all seven of the original packs-- Crescent, Deep Water, Malraux, BosRoq, Barry, Poldark, and Paxon-- in order to harvest their venom, which, when combined, would create a venom so potent that, once exposed to a vampire's system, could be cured by neither Klaus nor Hope Mikaelson's blood.

It was soon revealed that Lucien created this potent venom as part of his mission to become an Upgraded Original Vampire known as the Beast that is a vampire with the bite of a werewolf; however, though Lucien was ultimately killed, Marcel Gerard also took the serum as well, making his bite more lethal than a werewolf's in that a cure for the bite remains unknown, and unlike regular werewolf bites, it can also kill an Original. Afterward, Hayley set off to find a cure to this combined venom, which will likely require researching into the seven original packs. A national park in the Smoky Mountains is one of the open grounds where werewolf packs gather for the full moon, a place where they can turn freely without needing to restrain themselves and without fear of hurting humans.

Like normal humans, werewolves can eat human food if they wish. However, because they turn into ferocious beasts during the full moon, they are carnivores. When in wolf form, they can feed on human or vampire body parts and organs, but they are not required to ingest them in order to prolong their existence, like vampires, must do with blood. There are no known consequences from abstaining from human or vampire flesh while in werewolf form.

It seems that most werewolves do not get to feed on humanoid flesh, because most tend to lock themselves up during the full moon, or are scared or distracted away from their victim before they can eat them. Werewolves have not been seen to attack each other in human or lupine form, but have been known to hunt both human and vampire prey while transformed under the full moon. Jules , for example, was seen to be horrified when she woke up to find she'd slaughtered a group of campers after she had attacked Rose the previous evening.

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Unstable hybrids also have the urge to attack vampires regardless of what form they are in, as witnessed in The Hybrid when a werewolf, Ray Sutton , instinctively attacked the vampire Damon Salvatore instead of pursuing its first choice, Elena Gilbert. Werewolves in their wolf form are quite similar to natural wolves, although unlike natural wolves, werewolves have glowing yellow or orange eyes, wicked fangs, and a much more feral and predatory appearance.

They can also be distinguished from regular wolves by their displays of supernatural strength, blurred speed, and size which is comparable to fully grown humans. The fur color of wolf forms differs from one to the other e. Werewolves appear the same as any other human the rest of the month, aside from their enhanced abilities of speed, strength, and healing.


A werewolf will only transform into a wolf under a full moon. The first transformation is quite slow, and the person is subjected to at least five or six hours of intense, bone-breaking pain before the actual transformation. After the first transformation, the experience does not last nearly as long, but it is still painful and something many werewolves come to dread. Klaus mentions that embracing the transformation rather than fighting it as most werewolves do, would make the process faster.

Hope Mikaelson, who was on her first transformation followed this advice and her transformation was considerably faster, taking only moments instead of hours. It is unknown if this is due to her unique nature or possible for any werewolf that accepts the transformation rather than fights them.

Later, the werewolf grows excessive body hair and becomes feral. Their irises turn golden-yellow, their sclera turns black, and their teeth elongate into canines before they finally transform into their wolf shape. A werewolf returns to their human form after a few hours, sometimes sooner, sometimes later. After the first transformation, the werewolf will experience muscle aches. Older werewolves can control themselves to some extent on the night of the full moon, but many find it necessary to dose themselves with wolfsbane to weaken them before they lock themselves up in chains to prevent hurting anyone while they're transformed.

Werewolves also feel everything more sharply in their animal form, especially familial ties. Ansel , for example, would wake up from his transformation closer to his son's village after each full moon. Since he was brought back to life he would wake further from Klaus and New Orleans, drawn to his granddaughter, despite not even knowing she was alive. This shows familial ties in their werewolf form prioritizes the younger generation over the old.

Werewolves are known to be aggressive, strong and fast, even in human form. Tyler Lockwood often had trouble controlling his temper, especially leading up to and during the full moon. Those with the werewolf curse still latent can exhibit some supernatural traits which can be triggered by aggression, along with unusual physical strength for the person's given size and age, but they cannot fully transform, and they also have a tendency to black out when they become overwhelmed in fits of rage.

Werewolves seem to have a strong sense of duty and loyalty to protect their own and feel a responsibility to help their fellow werewolves whenever they can.

Also, werewolves have a higher body temperature than humans. When Tyler first activates his curse, he states that his skin feels as if it's on fire. Once a werewolf has triggered their gene, their eyes turn gold the eyes of a wolf while enraged, as Mason's eyes did when he stopped the fight between Tyler and Carter Brave New World , or when feeling threatened, such as when Hayley's eyes turned yellow while she was defending herself against a group of witches. Activating the curse is also painful, as werewolves have been seen to double over in pain before their eyes change for the first time.

While some werewolves prefer to keep to themselves and keep their beastly natures hidden, most seem to aggregate themselves into packs and residing in areas isolated from general human society so they can run free on the full moons without fear of hurting or killing anyone. In , George Lockwood attacked several humans and killed them, leaving horrific wounds on the corpses that were so severe that it looked worse than a typical vampire attack. This became evident when Henry told Katherine that the wounds were "worse than anything he had ever seen before.

It is unknown if George continued his attacks afterward, or if he adapted to his nature. Werewolves are very similar to witches when it comes to their own kind. Unlike vampires, werewolves have an unwavering sense of loyalty, and will often bond with other werewolves they meet. They form packs and work with each other as sort of an extended family.

Werewolf Chronology

The bond of loyalty between werewolves is so strong that while changed under full moons, the only beings they do not attack are other werewolves regardless of whether or not they have activated their werewolf gene. This code does seem to extend to Klaus' hybrids, as well. It's possible that another reason why Klaus' hybrids were so loyal, aside for the Sire Bond between them, was because of their werewolf heritage.

According to Finn, the werewolves had a ritual a thousand years ago by which, on a blood moon, they would hunt and purposefully trigger their curse by killing a human, willingly enduring the pain of their transformations in exchange for the strength they gained as warriors. This ritual was meant to be a rite of passage, where young werewolves embraced their nature rather than shying away from it; this is in stark contrast to many modern-day werewolves, who do whatever they can to avoid triggering their curses and having to deal with the pain of their monthly transformations.

According to Emma Tig , lunar psychosis is a very rare occurrence among werewolves in which the werewolf's mind is in flux, trapped between their wolf and human state. When a werewolf is affected by this, they have a harder time bridging the gap between the two states and to access their memories as they normally would. This only happens after a premature reversion from wolf to human, when something causes the body to shift back before the full moon is over, typically something caused by extreme trauma. Given that a werewolf prematurely returned to their human state, left unattended, there is a danger that they could revert back to their wolf form.

In order for a werewolf to overcome the issue, their mind needs to be surrounded by all the things that are familiar to them so that it can connect them to their humanity, and not their lycanthropy. Given the Crescent Wolf Pack 's ability to control their turns at will, they had access to both sides of their minds and developed an elixir to access the division between the two sides. According to Hope, the elixir is a family recipe stemming from Hayley's side of the Crescent Pack and has a copy of the recipe in her possession. The instructions for the elixir are as follows:. Werewolves' strength and speed are enhanced and are at their peak during time under a full moon.

When angered or threatened, these powers and abilities are temporarily enhanced;. Mason jumping while breaking up the fight between Tyler and Carter.

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Vampires and werewolves can be damaged in the same ways humans can, and in most cases will only be briefly weakened. However, werewolves are still mortals, and thus can be killed or incapacitated in various ways. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Werewolves will attack humans , but instinct and centuries of rivalry have hardwired them to hunt their prey of choice -- vampires.

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