Manual Adventures of Scampy Churchmouse

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Water Under the Bridge (song)

The first line of the chorus begins We kissed and love flowed thru my heart like the water under the bridge Based only on this snippet, in vain I tried to find the lyrics online , it appears the meaning of the idiom was not familiar at the time. But it might explain its appearance in In you first example "we kissed The lyricist played with the usual meaning here.

May 23 '14 at The first line of the song was "Time passes by, motionless as in a dream". This suggests that the lyricist was familiar with the usual meaning.

There are definitely earlier instances I could find one from , and there are a number in the early s JoBedard I agree, that's why I said: I suspected that water represents the passage of time. What, then, does the bridge suggest? A fixed point against which we perceive that passing?

Adventures of Scampy Churchmouse

JeromyFrench We commonly associate water flowing with rivers, and where there are rivers there are usually bridges. One facet of her life strengthened the other. Bell currently makes her home in Georgetown, Texas. Barbour Press republished the first four books into one volume "Montana" and the second four into "Montana Skies.

Bell received a B. My fiance and I moved to West Lafayette a few months ago.

water under the bridge

Blue Fence came out right away to give us We were scheduled for an early December completion date. We needed this done in December because we have a puppy that needs to be able to play safely in the backyard. They completely understood and promised it would be done. They never showed up and never called! When we called to see what was happening, they said they lost our paperwork behind the desk and now couldn't come out until January.

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You just "lost" our paperwork? We decided to reschedule because it would take even longer to have another company come out, quote us, then schedule the work. There are colors for every type of home and piece of property that are beautiful, bright, and bold.

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